Saturday, April 2, 2011

Legoland Malaysia

It is going to be open soon in Iskandar Malaysia!! Wowww! It really brings me back to my childhood time whereas I and my younger sister always happened to be fought just because I broke her lego-robot she displayed on our display cabinet with an intention of showing off to our parents. Unfortunately without any doubt I broke it and build my own one... Hahahaha.... I'm pretty sure everyone also had the same colourful and experience with lego as mine right?

This is the link, i received it from Nusajaya e-newsletter ---> Legoland Malaysia

I bet it definitely will catch the enthusiast all over Malaysia to walk down their childhood memories back then. Yupsss, I am looking forward to be among the first visitor for Legoland Malaysia.

For those who have no idea of what is Legoland, these are 4 other Legoland all over the world. Legoland Malaysia will be the first Legoland Park in Asia. (but I heard there is a new Legoland built in Dubai! tapi malas nak google..cek la sendiri kalau rajin k :p)

Legoland Carlifornia, USA (

Legoland Windsor, UK (

Legoland Deutschland, Germany (

Legoland Billund, Denmark (

Excited?? So do I!!! :)

Foot note: teruja sampai terlupa sudah benda nak buat untuk studio :P

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