Thursday, June 16, 2011

sesi menyah-bukti..hehehe

Punye la lama tak tulis apa-apa kat sini..hihi...

Hari tu kemas-kemas storage box kat kampung halaman, buang apa-apa yg patut dibuang... Kemas punya kemas, sekali terjumpa se-bundle surat-surat jiwang zaman bercinta dulu kala... Hahaha, bila baca balik, punye la lawak... Anak cicak baru menetas betul!!! Hehehe...

Petang tadi, sesi menyah-bukti diadakan, ni la hasilnya, ada separuh lagi dah selamat masuk bakul sampah...

For the two,
I'm sorry but I don't want to be friend of yours... Revert back your request.

For the other one,
Thank you for being nice, sincere, loyal. Thank you for the thought, but I'm just not into you. You are such a very good friend that I shouldn't ignore and hurt at. By the way, congratulations! She suit you the best!

For the fairy tale,
I've found mine ^_^... So, good luck in searching for the soul ;)

If people always say "let the memories remain", I don't.
I don't want to live with that memories.

All I want is to live in the real world,
a tranquil mock heaven created by us as a stepping stone to the real one,
where there is a sweet honey living her life lovingly with the bee,
blessed by The Creator,
scented with gardens of herbs,
encircled with flourish colourful blossoms,
lungful with His unsullied air...

The honey is me, the bee is him, the herbs and the blossoms are our children...
Only then I will say,
"let this memory remain..."



serenity said...

all i want is you to be happy. regardless of which memories were u living with. love u yayang

ninazarina said...

touching *__*


same goes back 2 u u too!