Friday, November 26, 2010


Last night was a memorable remembrance
With just a single press button
The betting of my future has just started
I know and definitely sure
That I will never regret
With the decision I've made
There will be no turning back
My heart beats faster
My hands shiver even greater
It was a very tough decision
But somehow, with faith towards HIM and HIS will
And with a little bit of strength left deep inside me
A "saya sudi terima" has been send
As the answer for a soulmate proposal
Three words that finally assure me
That I am now his

The fairytale love story has reach the end
Giving a way for us to draw rainbows on our piece of white future

"....perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik, dan lelaki yang baik adalah untuk perempuan yang baik..." (An-Nur: 26)

Thank you Aan for the special entry :)

4 comments: said...

its a double trile rainbow! congratulation kak nina! said...


ninazarina said...

Hoping for rainbows to stay forever :)thanks aan syg!

solitep said...

Kata2ny yg tsusun mnnjukkn kgmbiraany..
Tumpang skaki leh hehe

Thniah ye, usaha,doa insyaallah smuany bjalan lancar amin

Sianny dak2 jaat cmni,xde chance kat dak2 baek ek :p

Aja aja huaiting!