Sunday, June 20, 2010


it is 4.25am
and i'm blinking my eyes with no one right now
doing nothing but blogging & facebooking
entertained with a song
the song 'Jai Ho' has keep on repeating from someone's mobile phone
maybe is the alarm clock
or the incoming sms
or the reminder
oh, i'm gonna fly high early tomorrow morning!
but i'm not feeling well right now
hopefully tomorrow will getting better
pray for my safe journey
but i think i'm not as excited as others
maybe because for me this is not a real holiday
we do have assignment to do there
and we still have assignment need to be done by 1st day of the upcoming new semester
but i didn't start any yet!!
i really think i need a 1 week off
just to concerntrate on that
good luck nina!!

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