Friday, June 18, 2010

alam anda

i only knew that the word 'Alamanda' in Alamanda Putrajaya is actually taken from the combination of 2 words:

alam + anda = Alamanda

we went here for 4 tickets of The Prince of Persia but unfortunately it has been sold out!
so we divert to its dataran instead, with a box of pop corn...
Munerq said:
"at least feel tangkap gambar macam feel tengok wayang.."

ahaks... :P

i admit that i was not in the mood that night.
not feeling very well...
so i choose to just sitting, watching them playing with the 'toys'...

they all are cute right! hihihi

i like this pix the most! credit to Aan for this awesome pix! :)

i just bought this toy for a year, and only had chances playing with it for about 6 months.
i left it since i become a budak sekolah (this is what my boss and collegues called me..haha).
so i'm not yet a good photographer.
for me photography is just a hobby..
an interest apart from architecture..

but when they ask me about this and that, i will try my best to teach them at least
the basic thing they should know about dslr.
it is a waste if u own a dslr but u refuse to learn to set your toy manually.
btw, thanks a lot to these fellow friends,

Lei Aziz
Zati Hanani
Intai- Intai Production
for their valuable tought when i was with them... miss those days...

and this one was taken by Munerq or Cekya? huuhu tak sure la plak...

so... thanks to Cekya, Aan & Munerq for your awesome photos! cuma shaking sikit sebab takde flash and tripod.. u guys really made the night...

oh btw, we watched The Prince of Persia the following week :)

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anOOan said...

kak nina!!u r awesome!!menyetting segala nya.kami hanye bermain2 dgn bende yg telah di set.hehe.bile la bole set sendiri

kak nina. u r praising us too much. kami malu.hehe.