Saturday, June 12, 2010


we spent almost half of the night at i-city, until the security guard called us because the place will be close soon! luckily the next morning everyone woke up fresh! that is how the hectic life of architecture teach us to be always fresh no matter how tight your schedule is :)

i can say this as...


alright, here's some great shot by us! enjoy :)

we are sorry but we feel that the artificial light tree doesn't impress us much, so we move to the other side of's just a sidewalk... A SIDEWALK...hahaha...takde taste langsung!
but...look at the pictures!!

great shots by liya, yan, aan and nina :)

ok sekian...babai!

nota kaki:
nak g sambung rewang rumah jiran sebelah..nanti mak marah! ade majlis aqeqah malam ni..

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anOOan said...

wahahaha. sempat 2 cabut dari rewang utk berblog. excellent

thanx for the title!!!terharu nye.x sanggup nk berpisah dengan kamu2 semua d upm. rugi x bersame dari dulu dulu dulu dulu dulu