Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shanghai - day 01

Now is already August and i just in the mood of posting about my class trip to Shanghai recently. haha...25 of us including 5 lecturers/tutors/staffs, 4th Year and 5th Year students were there for 6 days (21-26 June 2010) and we spent 2 days just for the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Nothing much to say about the day-01. The flight took about 5 hours from KL to Hangzhou and we reach there at 1pm. As usual, we went through the security, custom, took our luggage and so on..and we only get to the coaster with our tourist guide, Uncle Vincent which will bring us to Shanghai at around 2.30pm! hungry some more..

Because it was already 30 minutes pass 2, Uncle Vincent cancelled our lunch at the halal food restaurant, and he only bring us to this place. We have no idea what to buy but only a pack of vege-crackers and a bottle of mineral water. Luckily we have numbers of chinese friends to read the ingredients for us..hehe..and they tapau KFC. huhu jealous...jealous...

Then we get back to our coaster, and i believe only for the first 20 minutes we enjoy ourselves with these beautiful sceneries of farmers houses surrounded by padi-field, before all of us slept.. Look at the farmers' house. It's like a fairytale castle right? Can u imagine how wealthy the China people are?? If i were offered to live in China, i would be thankful although i am just a farmer, but i can get this kind of house, built within the paddy-field...Haaahhhh what a relief...

You will see this kind of beautiful canal along the highway from Hangzhou to Shanghai.

We arrive the halal food restaurant in Shanghai City Centre at around 5.30pm and we were like...YEAAAA!! makan time!! hehehe... I only manage to snap 4 of the dishes because everyone was sooooo hungry like piranha and the food presentation was soooooo tempted! and also the smell...A few minutes later, all i can hear was only ting! ting! when a fork and spoon touching a plate hehe...

Bila dah kenyang, mula la sesi bermain.. :P me with Daphne and Yan.. No! No! i didn't eat the satay because it's a lamb and it's actually a photo trick that make me like biting the satay.

We stayed at this hotel, and spent our night by just walking by the roadside around the hotel.

In China, i don't know, probably only in Shanghai, but maybe is a standard in China..ok ok...The road system in China is different from Malaysia. They are left-side driver, and most of them are walk, bike and ride motorcycle to go to anywhere. Therefore there is a special road about10ft width for bikers and riders on the right and left side of the main road...

And, there is one weird thing we notice that night, drivers in China really really like honking.. i mean, REALLY! my chinese friend told me that "competition" has become part of the local people's life. Everywhere they go and everything they do is about competition. First come, first serve.

At first, we were blur when Uncle Vincent told us on our way to Shanghai this afternoon,

"Here in China, zebra crossing is for zebra."

Later that night only we understand what did Uncle Vincent mean. Everything must be faster, or else you will be honk!

For us who don't really practise it in Malaysia, we definitely rasa nak gugur jantung bila asyik dengar orang tekan hon je kan??

Okay, that's all for Day-01. We went back to hotel for a tight sleep...heeeeee nunait! =)

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