Saturday, July 24, 2010


Annual Architectural Student Jamboree
(known as Architectural Student Workshop during my time back in 2002-2005).
For the year 2010, UKM was the host with the theme, ARCHUSTIC.
UTM will be the host for Jamboree 2011, next year.
Me and a few friends went for the 2nd day of performance night.
These are the performance by some colleges in KL.

And this is the scariest performance ever!!!
Ape la UTM ni, siap bakar kemenyan tu...sakit idung, baunya penuh 1 dewan.
pastu plak siap main lagu Ulik Mayang kan... tak elok tau.
haissshhh...siyes scary!!
tapi UTM Arch memang terkenal dengan performance yang memang sentiasa lain dari yang lain...tiap-tiap tahun...

UTM crowd.

Performance by other universities.

Lim Kok Wing crowd.

This is UM.

Works displayed, by architecture student from several universities.

My junior...Elle, Beq n Mimi. Only had a chance to be with them for a semester.
Haha, its actually not even a semester. Just a few days at the end of their final semester :P

She is always funny :)

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