Saturday, July 17, 2010


people said a chance come only once
but sometimes it do comes twice, thrice etc.....

yet we don't know wheather we should grab it at first
or let it go with a hope there will be a second chance

: : :

it is hard to satisfy a heart
without touching the other heart

: : :

failed to be in the international summer camp
failed to satisfy the sifu
failed to be in a great health for a week
failed to produce a complete technical report
failed to understand the bos's design language
failed to dig the secret of the heart
failed to retrieve the 1k

and the worst.......

failed to accompany mom and dad for a month
to a life long dream peaceful place ever... sigh~~~
you are just not yet invited
not yet...

: : :

if only i can grab everything at once
if only i can satisfy everyone

: : :

only we know who we are
no one else
but us

: : :

nota kaki: me with my sister...senyumlah...kerana senyum itu awet muda :)

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