Friday, October 29, 2010

and i'm 55 today!

Early this morning after shower, as usual
I weight with empty tummy
And guess what?

Finally for the first time ever

I reach 55kg today!

Gembira Mak Neng weihhh...
Nak lompat boleh tak? :)

5 comments: said...

huh! i'll cry if i gain 55.

ninazarina said...

hik! i bet we are going to be about the same next few weeks and seriously the mirror didn't bluff u :) said...

huhaaa...tot u want to say that U ARE 55 YRS..ahahaha...i think u & i would be so much happy if both of us changing our weight scale..huhahuha..(emm..dunno when can i reduce mine!!!damn stubborn lazy 'babad')

ninazarina said... your life to the fullest worries :) and remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder kan?

empunye babad said...


chubby is YUMMY rite!!!

horey!!~menjerit kegirangan