Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy World Architect Day!

Photo grabbed from our Head of Department's facebook :)
Thanks to Ar. Meor Fared
I believe these are only about half of the total of 10 batches.
And all are part of current students from Year 1 to Year 5.

It was The World Architect Day yesterday (4th October) and also UPM Architecture 10th Years Anniversary and we were having so much fun day and night. We started our day with so-called "motivational talk" by 3 speakers all of them are ex-students from 2nd and 3rd Batch. Then show our creativity on 40 pieces of canvas painting. The climax was the dinner held at Bangi Golf Resort.

Lots and lots and lots of photos of smiling faces will be coming up soon!
C ya!


leynamohid said...

wahhh..sungguh pantas kamu mengeblog ttg smlm...

ninazarina said...

haha post malam tadi waktu ngantok2 :P