Monday, November 5, 2012

a few updates...

Life in Denmark
We are about to say goodbye to autumn and hello to winter. The time difference between Denmark and Malaysia now has changed to 7 hours (before was 6 hours) since last Sunday (28th October). I heard that the time difference will be changing every 28th March and 28th October, due to daylight saving. Sustainable... Right? 1 to 2 weeks before the change, it was still dark at 8 o'clock in the morning and the sun only rise at around 9 o'clock. Now it rise normally but set at around 4.00 pm, thus we have a long night everyday. We pray Zohor at around 12.00 pm, Asar at 2.00 pm, Maghrib at 4.00 pm, Isyak at 6.00 pm and Subuh at 6.00 am. The temperature now is about 4°C to 11°C in a day while 3°C to -1°C at night.

Aidiladha 2012 in Aalborg

It was ice rainfall during the night of Aidiladha while we were cooking in the kitchen, and snow early next morning just before we went out for praying. We cooked nasi tomato with lemang and rendang for our hari raya. We also managed to pay a visit to one of Malaysian friend who live in Aarhus. It was about two hours of traveling by train from Aalborg. I will try to blog about the celebration here in the next post.

Residence Permit
Alhamdulillah... Allah heard my pray. After 6 months applied, I have been granted with residence permit starting October 19th 2012... I can go for maternity checkup or any medical treatment with no charge. I will be covered with the Danish Health Insurance. I have the right to find job in Denmark... and... I heard that I will also receive allowance as an accompanying spouse and soon a mother from the government as well! It really eases my life here! ^^ Thank you people whom prayed for me too! Well, there are many things that is so different and so systematic living in the first world country, like Denmark if I compared with our life back in Malaysia. I know I shouldn't compare it with Malaysia because we are developing country, but I just feel like wanting to share this with you. You can enjoy most of the benefits as the citizen even though you are a temporary residence. The systems are all linked to each other once you get yourself registered with the municipal. It is including your personal information, healthcare, postal and home address, school, so forth and so on. There is also one thing that makes me eager to experience giving birth in Denmark. Fertility and birth rate here is very low. A friend whom had experienced delivering a baby here told me that there will be a special treatment for a first time mother and father. We will be transferred to a hotel room for 3 days to a week, after deliver. Here, they will teach us on how to breastfeed the baby, changing diaper, cloth, bath the baby, swaddle him, anything about managing a newborn baby... They will also present the baby with diapers and new cloth! Whoaaaa... Tell me which parents will not happy for that huh?

33 weeks pregnant

It is already 33 weeks and my stomach frequently feels hard as rock and tight for seconds or until I care and touch it. It always makes me feel like I got to pee even though I don't have to... Physically, my belly size is not big but my weight add up 10 kg until now! I always feel tired and back pain lately especially after I standing for an hour of cooking. My belly button has started to pop out. Counting weeks until the expected delivery date had made me feel anxious. However it vanish every time I feel him kicking and jolting inside and it is so cool to see my whole tummy just moves and shakes too! Sometimes I also feel his respond by moving inside my womb whenever I reading or listening to verse from Al-Qur'an... Alhamdulillah... Be a good muslim, son.... 

Winter shopping for baby and mom
Last two weeks was a 'shopping-to-death' weeks for us in which we had spent almost 7400Dkk for me and for our little one. Out of that, 6000Dkk is just for him. I bought a winter jacket and 2 pairs of boot for winter. As for the baby, we bought a set of multifunction baby stroller which we think is worth buy. It comes with hard carry cot, car seat, telescope buggy, boot cover, rain cover and changing bag, all can be fixed on the stroller. We bought baby crib and bedding set, diapers, toiletries and other small needs for baby. We also made him 2 pieces of hand-sewed pillow and it saved us about 400Dkk! Great! ^^

Yeahhh.... I think that's all for now. See you again on Aidiladha and Aarhus story soon!

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